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I got my start in snowcross racing at age 3. For the next 25 years I raced snowcross full time, winning multiple championships throughout the years. I spent 6 years racing atv-mx and 2 years SxS Racing winning championships in both. In addition to that I managed our race team which included finding sponsors, researching racers, developing talent, rider coaching, taking pictures, writing race reports, and handling social media responsibilities. Beyond that I designed our graphics kits, vehicle wraps, autograph posters and more. 

I also spent time helping run a race series and the responsibilities that came with it. Those included writing a rulebook, designing a website, setting up the live timing and scoring for the events, organizing the riders meetings, setting up the live stream broadcasts and more. 

This past winter, after being retired from snowcross racing for 6 years, I found the opportunity to come to Scandinavia and get back on the track. It was an fantastic experience and I met so many amazing people. I was also able to get in the broadcast booth for Super League which was so much fun!


Those reasons and more are why I am coming back next season, and I spent a lot of time trying find ways to help grow snowcross racing in Scandinavia and help racers find support to lower the cost of going racing.


Over the course of my entire race career, it was never about me being the best. Did I want to and enjoy winning, of course! My real joy and sense of accomplishment came from helping others be their best and achieve their goals. I aim to continue doing that here moving forward.

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