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After spending the winter competing in Snowcross races across Scandinavia, I have seen the dedication racers here have. It seems that almost everything in takes to go racing costs more here and that makes it difficult to for a sport to grow and difficult for the current competitors to be able to compete at their best. Travel is expensive, parts, clothing and accessories are expensive and hard to find. 

That is why I have been working hard to find ways to help racers save money and have more support, regardless of what brand of snowmobile you race. 

Working together with Southside and using partners that we have had long successful relationship with, we have put together a sponsorship program to help racers get what they need.

This list will only grow, currently we have support programs agreed to with C&A Pro Skis, Rox Speed Fx, 139 Designs, & Woody's Traction & Control.  

If you are interested in sponsorship please fill out the form below,  If you have any questions please email me at

Racer Application

Please fill out the form completely and submit. You will receive a response via email within one week. 

If you have a resume, email it to after you have submitted this form.

Select all of the Brands you are looking to recieve support from

Thanks for submitting!

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