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We are hard at work to build and expand this list to offer more options of help and support for Snowcross racers in Europe. Here is the current list of partners that want to help you

custom skis2.jpg

C&A Pro Skis makes the world's best snowmobile skis for all types of riding disciplines. 

They also offer custom color skis, so you can get the exact look that you want for your race sled. Now you have the opportunity to have the best-performing ski and best-looking ski!


ROX SPEED FX is an industry leader that has created many after-market parts for the powersports industry.

Handguards, seat covers, bar risers, tunnel traction, and more!

fxr logo.png

FXR Racing is the industry leader in race apparel from head to toe. 

Recently they began giving all racers the opportunity of some custom gear. Stand out from the crowd and be best looking racer on the podium!

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